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Intro Program

Our Intro Program comes with 3 30 minute private lessons.  The Intro Program is great for anyone that wants to get started with Ballroom and Latin dancing.  We also teach Country, Social, and Competitive Style dancing.

* Intro Programs can not be combined together.  Only one Intro Program per person or per couple. If you are a couple you can not buy two intro programs and combine them together.  You may only use one.

2 Weeks of Group Classes

Try out our group classes for 2 weeks of unlimited* classes for $30!  Many classes to choose from, Ballroom, Rhythm, and Styling classes!

*Some classes require experience before attending.  Ask your instructor for details.

2 Week Group Class Trial
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2 Week Group Class Trial
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Country 2 Step Boot Camp Single
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Country Boot Camp

If you answered yes to any to any of these questions we can help you learn to dance!  Come and try our Country 2 step Boot Camp and learn just how easy it is to dance to your favorite Country Music.  Our Country Boot Camp is four weeks of learning how to dance.  During your group classes  your instructor will introduce the basics to some of the most popular Country Dances including 2 Step and Country Swing! 

This is a progressive class.  So each class builds upon the last one.  We will have you dancing the Basic 2 Step and Swing in no time!

Ballroom and Latin 101

Our Ballroom and Latin 101 class will be held on January 10th at 7:30 pm.  This class is designed for NEW students with little or no dance experience.  We will show you just how easy it is to learn by introducing our 4 elements, and then we will use the elements to create some of our most popular dances, like the FOXTROT, WALTZ, and the MERENGUE!

This class is only $10, and if you pay online, it is only $5!  Hurry and sign up today, space is limited!