5 Tips to Help Take your Ballroom Dancing from Beginner to Professional Level

5 Tips to Help Take your Ballroom Dancing from Beginner to Professional Level

Dance is one of the most brilliant ways of expressing your emotions. Each ballroom dance style has a well-documented history behind it. Nearly all styles of ballroom dancing are centered on one key emotion or feeling.

If you’ve been taking ballroom dance lessons for a while now and feel the need to further refine your dancing for professional competitions, then these five tips might help you!

Tip#1: Create different subjects

As with academic learning, you can also create different subjects out of your ballroom curriculum. Creating subjects is like identifying certain key learning areas for each dance form. For instance, if you’re looking to compete in a professional Waltz contest, then working on your ‘posture’ could be one distinct subject. Allocate at least some amount of time to each identified subject every day.

Tip#2: Have a practice partner

Having multiple dance partners is good because it gives you greater exposure and molds you to perform with dancers from different backgrounds. At the same time, having one constant partner to practice your technique with is also very helpful. You can request somebody from your class (preferably with greater experience) to help you work on different aspects of your dancing on a routine basis. This will allow you to become more confident about performing at a professional level.

Tip#3: Presentation is important

While technique, choreography and flow are obviously the major focus areas in ballroom dance competitions, the importance of presentation cannot be underestimated. If you’re serious about professional dancing, it needs to show in your dressing, entry/exit and overall stance and posture.

Tip#4: Practice making your dance smooth

Most dancers do not face difficulty in learning a dance step, irrespective of how complicated it is. But what matters most in ballroom dancing is how well you flow while performing a particular step. Simply put, nothing should look like a struggle when you’re dancing with your partner. Each step should transition smoothly into the next with no hiccups.

Tip#5: Always revisit your basics

Remember, you can never be perfect and it’s always good to revisit your basics every once in a while. Allocate some time to practice even the simplest techniques and you will notice a tremendous change in your performance over a period of time. Most importantly: be humble and always keep your eyes and ears open so that the learning never stops.