Baby Boomers! Live Longer with Ballroom Dancing!

Baby Boomers! Live Longer with Ballroom Dancing!


Dancing is a wonderful way for seniors to add exercise to their daily routine. It keeps their body and minds strong. Seniors who dance regularly have reduced risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is a fun and exciting way to exercise and also to meet new people and make new friends. Here are 5 ways how ballroom dancing can benefit senior citizens.


·      Joint saviour

Finding it hard to get out of bed or your sofa every day because of hip and knee pains or arthritis? Researchers from Saint Louis University studied the effects of dance on seniors over the age of 80 who either had stiff backs, hips and knees or arthritis. The result was remarkable, seniors reported a significant decrease in pain and stiffness. They found it easier to walk and they could walk at a faster pace.

·      Balance booster

You don’t have to worry about losing your balance and falling down if you practice ballroom dancing as a form of exercise. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro conducted a study on how ballroom dancing impacts the balance of seniors. All seniors that participated in the study found that their balance improved by 50%. The dance moves allowed seniors to balance and spin in ways that improved their body strength. Even seniors who had been leading a sedentary life gained from ballroom dancing.

·      Social Interaction

Feeling depressed or isolated from the world? Not a chance if you are involved in ballroom dancing. It not only is a way to remain active but also an ideal way to make new friends. In ballroom dancing, you have to exchange partners. This means you will have to partner with a stranger, who won't remain a stranger for long because you both will have to be in sync with each other. The whole experience can be quite exciting and challenging.

·      Disease preventer

Dancing prevents a ton of diseases, especially for seniors. Ballroom dancing requires to learn steps and focus on the movement of the partner, this helps to improve cognition significantly. This reduces the risk of dementia and because of the increase in mental activity, the functioning of the brain improves which decreases the chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

·      Improved circulation

Ballroom dancing improves the circulation of blood and improves the heart rate as it is a cardiovascular exercise. It also improves endurance, energy levels, and decreases the chances of getting high blood pressure.


There are plenty of classes that you can take up to learn ballroom dancing. These dance classes also have different levels which making it easier to pick up dancing. Have fun, exercise and live longer with ballroom dancing.

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