Tips to Perfect Your Ballroom Pivot

Tips to Perfect Your Ballroom Pivot

Ballroom dancing looks elegant and beautiful when done right. When a ballroom pivot is executed perfectly, everyone admires it and is left speechless but when there is a mistake in the execution, the performers and the audience will be plagued with angst. As ballroom dancing has a lot of rotations, it is important that you keep your head so that you don’t lose yourself when you spin which can result in a disaster. To perfect your ballroom pivot, here are a few tips that you can use.

·      Spotting

Spotting is a trick used by ballerinas to prevent them from feeling dizzy and losing control of their body. Spotting used during the pivot is a little bit different then the type used by ballerinas. By spotting, you will prevent disorientation, you will be able to spin for longer and you will be able to maintain spinning in the correct direction. You have to think of your eyes like a camera lens.  Focus on different items in the room and every time you complete a spin, try to refocus on another item in the room. The focusing will keep the room from spinning and will allow you to feel less dizzy.


·      Ease into the spin

Easier said than done but you need to be relaxed so that you can get rid of any unnecessary tension that is there in your mind and body. If you are too reluctant to spin, it will show in your body language and it increases the chances of losing control. To relax, think of pleasant thoughts or focus on your partner and enjoy moving with them to take your mind of the spin. This way it will be easier to go into the spin.


·      Control your weight

You need to have good control over your weight to stop yourself from losing control while spinning. If you lean in or out of the spin, your partner will find it difficult to keep you on track which will result in you falling down. Focus on keeping your core as tight as possible so that you have better balance.


·      Maintain your form

It is extremely important in ballroom dancing that you maintain the correct form and connection points while spinning. You need to be close to your partner, your legs need to lock in between your partner’s feet and your sides should be matched. Following this will help you do continuous spins.


·      Perfect partnership

You and your partner need to move as though you are a single unit. If either your movement or your partner’s movement isn’t seamless, spinning won’t work. Any mistake that either one of you makes will be amplified if you aren’t in sync.

As with any other dance step, practice is the key to perfection. Don’t stop just because you got the move once; keep practicing till you can execute the turn flawlessly at least 10 times in a row. Over time, you will perfect the pivot, overcome the dizziness and master the spin.