Tips for Competing in Ballroom Dance Competitions

Tips for Competing in Ballroom Dance Competitions

Ballroom competitions serve as a platform for dancers to showcase their talent and get to know where they stand among their dancing peers. It is easy to feel overwhelmed to see a huge dance floor and a table of judges watching over you. Here are a few tips to help you feel more confident when competing in ballroom dance competitions:

Tip#1: Prepare well in advance

It is important to have a clear state of mind as you’re nearing the competition. Therefore, you need to take care of all other things such as finding the right dress for the competition well in advance. This will avoid any last minute stress and help you focus on your dancing. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of good makeup and hairstyling for your competition. The presentation is critical when it comes to ballroom dancing and can earn you several points. So book your professional makeup artist and hairstylist at least a few weeks before the competition.

Tip#2: Warm up before dancing

There is a huge difference between “warming up and “practicing”. While it is important to warm up before you get onto the dance floor, you should not tire yourself by practicing the entire routine. Warming up implies loosening up of the muscles. While warming up, you want to stretch your body so that you can dance with greater flexibility and less stiffness.

Tip#3: Have a good time on the dance floor

If you’re competing for the very first time, here’s an important tip: Relax! You need to realize that when dancing in a competition, you aren’t the only one on the dance floor; there are several other couples that the judges are watching. So you need to relax and have more fun.

Even if you’re unsure about some things, just dance with confidence and get the feel of the music. You never know how your confidence and charm may help you quickly hide a few minor mistakes.

Tip#4: Don’t pack in too much power

Most dancers get a huge adrenaline rush when dancing in front of the judges and a crowd in general. This automatically makes them dance harder. When dancing in a competition, you would probably need to tone down your energy in order to look graceful and clean. This will allow your lines to show more clearly. Too much energy can overpower the beauty of your routine