Five Benefits of Dancing for All Ages

Five Benefits of Dancing for All Ages

An excellent way to get fit is to take ballroom, country or salsa dance lessons, individually or as part of a group. Dance is a relaxed and upbeat method of exercise. Unlike Zumba, weight training, gym classes and body boot camps, dance does not involve jarring movements, heavy weights or work outdoors in the hot sun. Here are five basic benefits of all types of dance:

1.        Dance helps you get in shape.

2.        Dance helps with memory, since you repeat routines and movements.

3.        Dance is a social activity, whether you're dancing with a partner or learning from an instructor.

4.        Dance doesn't require expensive equipment.

5.        Dance helps you refine all types of movements, from fine motor skills with your hands and feet to gross motor skills with your torso and legs.

Dance Is Healthy

Many types of dance are energetic, but you can slow them down to your liking. Picking the right music is the key to finding a pace that works for you. Even when you do not dance quickly, you usually start walking faster after you have danced.

For example, take salsa dance. Most salsa dance involves shifting your weight by stepping. This means you practice varied types of steps, at different paces. Salsa also incorporates arm, shoulder and hip movements. If you have any issues with these areas, you can modify your routine with the instructor.

If you are interested in country dance lessons or salsa dance lessons, you can expect to frequently rotate partners. Changing your partner helps you adjust and vary your style. This boosts both brain and heart activity.

Dance also helps you relieve stress and anxiety. When you're dancing, it's hard to focus on anything but you, your partner and the music. Dancing lets you leave everything else at the door. This allows your movement to become more spectacular and you to have more fun.

Dance Is Fun

When you take dance lessons, you often meet new people in your area who love dance and movement too. These activities can lead to participation in dance events, such as ballroom dance nights and competitions. This is one reason kids' dance lessons are a great idea. Children learn to appreciate dance and develop basic skills for a lifelong passion.

If you're an older adult searching for "ballroom dance lessons near me," you'll also appreciate the social aspect of dance. This is especially true if you have taken ballroom dance before. You may run into friends and dance partners from past classes or dance lessons years ago. You'll also meet new people who share your love of dance.

Ballroom, salsa and country dancing are all great types of movement you can showcase at family events and parties. If you're interested in getting out there on the dance floor at a wedding, quinceañera or family reunion, we want to help you make it happen.

Where Arizona Ballroom Champions Is Located and What We Offer

Arizona Ballroom Champions has two locations: our newly opened center in north Phoenix and our longstanding location in Tempe. We offer group classes for adults and children and individual lessons. You can bring a partner if you want, but you do not need to. We can teach you any type of dance that requires two people, in both American and international styles. Contact us today to get started dancing!


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