Top 4 Health Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing

Top 4 Health Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing anyone? In this dance form, as you waltz and swing, you are getting more than just the moves right. Your health gets a major boost too! Read on if you need any more excuses to take up ballroom dancing.

Soak up the strength: Ballroom dancing involves the use of different sets of muscle groups unlike walking or jogging which focus intensely on lower body. Lifting up your partner as you waltz tones your upper body muscles, while the stretching and bending works on your back, abdomen and thighs. The muscles are worked differently and more efficiently, which helps tone and strengthen them. As we all know, not using muscles makes them lethargic.  Since lifting and dipping your partner also counts as weight lifting, you are getting a pretty good overall workout.

Heal your heart: For optimum heart health, the World Health Organisation recommends at least 30 to 40 minutes of moderately intense exercise. Ballroom dancing is perfect for conditioning the heart and circulation as it goes on for more than the recommended duration. It lowers blood pressure and can increase the level of “good cholesterol” or HDL which again protects your heart. Ballroom dancing is a great workout for your heart too!

Delay dementia: Studies show that ballroom dancing is more effective than mental activities like solving puzzles to prevent Alzheimer’s or dementia. The two common cognition related problems in seniors can be better managed as well with ballroom dancing. Since this form of dance involves coordination with the partner, keeping time with the music, and space management, better mind body connection is established.

A recent Swedish study tested the effect of 11 different physical activities on reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Ballroom dancing was the only one that had the greatest effect according to the researchers.  The moves involve memorizing and coordinating different parts of the body, which is its greatest advantage.

Melt the blues: Dancing and especially ballroom dancing is a sure cure for mental ills ranging from depression to shyness. It can be a great platform to bring together people from different cultures, ages, religions and education levels. Shy people can benefit from the non-verbal communication that ballroom dancing offers. Besides, dancing is a great way to get high! The happiness hormone, called serotonin, increases with physical activity. Which means it is the best antidote for depression and anxiety!