'La La Land' Inspires Resurgence in Ballroom Dancing

'La La Land' Inspires Resurgence in Ballroom Dancing

The 2016 film and almost Oscar-winner, "La La Land" provides a satisfying combination of song and dance, with impressive performances from well-known celebrities. This energetic combination and revival of film styles similar to the Technicolor musicals of the 1940s and '50s have made it one of the most popular films of the year, leading to a resurgence in curiosity, interest and passion for dance.

Where 'La La Land' Got Its Inspiration

The film is filled with numerous scenes in which the characters break out into extravagant dance numbers set against gorgeous backdrops and the sweepingly grandiose shows of Los Angeles. This is not a new technique, but it hasn't been used in a while. This is a throwback to the era in Hollywood that produced the iconic 1950s films "Singin' in the Rain" and "An American in Paris," which the director Chazelle has often cited as an influence in the making of "La La Land."

The film seems to comment, overall, on the idea that Ryan Gosling's character yearns for the resurgence of jazz music, and in exposing this theme to the audience, the film has effectively inspired a resurgence in not only jazz music, but dance as well. How does it do this? The director commented that it was just about "the idea of having a full 10-minute chunk at the end of the movie with no dialogue where you could tell a whole story through image and score and dance." That's right. Dance tells a story.

A Renewed Interest in Dance

The New York Post reported that the film has caused a renewed interest in dance classes. In fact, a 65 year-old retired gym teacher was quoted as saying, "Watching the movie brought back memories of when I was a little girl. I never took dance, but I watched the musicals all the time. Dance was always in my spirit, and when I saw 'La La Land,' I thought maybe tap will come back."

Why the resurgence in interest? We have seen many musicals over the past years that have included elegantly enticing dance numbers. Why did films such as "Chicago," "Moulin Rouge!," and "Burlesque" incite the same interest in dance? Simple: Gosling and Stone are not professional dancers, and it shows. The dance numbers are a little less-than-polished and come off natural and engaging, due to the fact that audiences can relate to the two main characters.

If these two normal people can dance on-screen for millions of viewers and be nominated for 14 Academy Awards then you, most certainly, can too! Dance does not have to be perfect, but if done right, it should be fun.

Can't Fight the Feeling?

Did you find yourself fidgeting in your seat at the movie theater, just aching to break out into dance just like the stars on screen? Us too! Haven't seen the film yet but are looking for that extra push you need to start your lessons? Watch it and experience the same increase in passion that viewers around the country have felt.

Sign up for ballroom dance lessons to start learning the steps and you'll be on your way to stardom in no time. Every dance lesson is led by a professional and experienced member of our team, but we're sad to say that they do not include the talents of Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone.

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