The Incredible Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing You Didn't Know About

The Incredible Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing You Didn't Know About

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body
— Martha Graham

There are many shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. It is incredible to see how those grooves and moves can have such a profound influence on our emotional makeup. Different cultures have different dance forms that symbolize their distinct aspects. 

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing, an English dance form that roots back to the 19th century, is more turning and maneuvering on the dance floor with a partner. Since its origin, the dance has undergone several changes and has become a competitive dance form in the modern age. 

As ballroom dancing crossed geographical boundaries over the years, different countries added their tweaks and twists to the dance form. Besides being a symbol of celebration, ballroom dancing is also known for its health benefits across the world. It is a great social activity that provides a range of physical and emotional benefits to people. 

Health benefits of ballroom dancing

Let's look at a few health benefits of ballroom dancing that you probably might not know about:

•    Flexibility: Making those maneuvers and turn while dancing in the ballroom requires flexibility. Albeit women are naturally more flexible than men, ballroom dancing can add to their flexibility by exercising some crucial muscles. Some ballroom dance steps need stretching and bending, which make flexibility a necessary trait for ballroom dancers.

•    Strength: Any dance form requires strength. But ballroom dancing is seen to improve your strength in a great way. The dance form requires you to force your muscles to resist your body weight. The quick turns and spins exert leg muscles and strengthen them. A more rigorous move where the male dancer has to lift his female partner can strengthen your leg muscles.

•    Stress reduction: Ballroom dancing can reduce your stress level by exercising your body. The process releases a lot of de-stressing hormones in the body and takes away your tension and worries. An hour of ballroom dancing with a partner has a significant impact on your emotional makeup, thus contributing towards your overall wellbeing.

•    Confidence: Ballroom dancing can be a great boost for your self-confidence. You will have to socialize and interact with different partners while dancing. It improves your attitude and helps in building a strong social circle.

•    Mental health: Ballroom dancing requires focus and agility. By being in the art continuously, you can see a significant improvement in your memory and concentration. It makes you more alert and aware by exercising your brain along with your muscles.

Now that you know the various health benefits of ballroom dancing, sign-up for ballroom dancing lessons today itself!