Men and Ballroom Dancing

Men and Ballroom Dancing

 If you’re one of those men who feel nervous by the idea of attending a ballroom dance class, then this is the perfect article for you to read. Some common beliefs continue to hold back men from trying ballroom dancing. Some think that it's too challenging while others believe that it's too feminine or ‘not for them.' However, the fact is that this dance style could contribute a lot to building your personality and improving your interactions with the other gender. Here are some brilliant reasons for joining a ballroom dance class.

1. Personality development

Did you know that social dancing is among the biggest cultural contributions made by the West to the rest of the world? If you often fail at making a great first impression owing to a lack of personality or poor confidence, then ballroom dancing may help you significantly in developing a more stylish and sophisticated character. How? Well, while learning ballroom dancing, you are also automatically learning about some very refined cultural aspects, that is, bowing, holding a lady’s hand gently and so on. This adds a lot of charm to your overall persona.

2. Learning about respectful gender interaction

Another important reason why men should consider learning ballroom dancing is this. It teaches you how to interact with the other gender more respectfully. Teenage boys can particularly benefit a lot by learning ballroom dancing. It shows them how to ask a girl (and later a woman) for a formal dance. It is also a lesson in understanding that dance does not have to be sleazy. 

3. There is no escaping the dance floor

No matter what you do, you’re bound to find yourself in a situation which requires you to shake a leg sometime or the other. Whether you’re on a date, at a party, on the cruise, at a music concert or a wedding reception, you will need to do at least some dancing. Why not be prepared? Instead of feeling like a social misfit, you could impress everyone around by taking the lead and matching your steps perfectly on the dance floor.

4. You may find a partner

Well, there are enough stories of people finding “the one” while taking a ballroom dancing class. Women typically enjoy social dancing and may not always join a class with a partner. So here’s another big motivation for all single men to take up social dancing lessons!

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