Why you Don't Need a Partner to Learn How to Ballroom Dance

Why you Don't Need a Partner to Learn How to Ballroom Dance

There are so many people who wish to learn the art of ballroom dancing but are held back by their false belief that they need a partner. The truth is that you don’t need a partner to take ballroom dance lessons. And neither does your young child.

Your instructor is your best partner

Now there’s a big difference between dancing with an amateur or beginner dancer and dancing with a professional such as your dance instructor. Your ballroom dance instructor can be the best partner to you in every class! Why? Well, being a professional, he can offer you instant feedback and pay close attention to every move that you learn during the lesson. What’s more, you’ll be able to hold a better posture (critical in ballroom dancing) and also understand music better when dancing with your teacher. 

If you’re serious about ballroom dancing, then there is nothing better than partnering with your dance instructor. You’ll gain loads of experience while working with such a professional and get an opportunity to hone your social dancing skills. You’ll be confident to take over the dance floor in no time while practicing your steps and moves with your instructor.

You can grow by learning more

Often when you depend on a partner to accompany you to a ballroom class, you end up limiting the number of classes you take since his/her schedule may not be able to accommodate frequent lessons. But there is no reason for you to hold yourself back from learning a world of different steps, techniques, and styles, especially if you’ve got a knack for it. 

It is usually possible for instructors in every class to accommodate single students as rotating partners. Some of them may even have assistants to help out with the lessons. Also, what if your dance partner suddenly decides to step out of his or her dancing shoes? You wouldn’t want to step too, right? Your dance instructor is someone you can completely depend on to take you through your ballroom dance learning journey.

Another disadvantage of having a fixed partner (who is also new to ballroom dancing) is that both of you may begin to unknowingly sacrifice technique and skill to ‘support’ each other’s dancing. This will never happen when you’re partnering with your dance instructor.