9 Tips for the Perfect First Dance

9 Tips for the Perfect First Dance

1. The Perfect Song

This part is completely personal.  A good First Dance song should have some sort of meaning for the happy couple.  Maybe it was a song that played on your first date, or the words to the song match exactly how you feel about each other.  Whatever the case may be, there are no wrong choices for Your Song. 

When it comes to dancing to your song, we recommend the song being around 2 minutes.  If a song is longer than that, it is a lot more choreography and our attention span is just not that long.  No matter how hard we try, we just can’t pay attention.  Even when you watch Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, their routines are rarely over one and a half minutes.  Keep your routine short and sweet and leave the audience wanting more. 

Wedding Dance Lessons Time

2. Time Frame

You want to give yourself enough time to learn how to dance and be comfortable with each other on a dance floor.  When planning your perfect Wedding the schedules can get a little hectic, especially as the Wedding date gets closer.  The final week is usually busy meeting friends and family.  It is so packed with events that you do not want to be trying to learn how to dance on top of that busy schedule.    We highly recommend that you give yourself 1-3 months to learn your routine.






Wedding Dress

3.  Your Dress

Now we know that you want to keep your dress a secret, and we will not let the cat out of the bag, but your instructor does need to know what type of dress you will be wearing.  You can pull your instructor to the side and show him or explain to him what type of dress you will be wearing on your big day.  This part is important.  We do not want to choreograph something that you will not be able to do because of different restrictions that come with different types of dresses.   Your instructor will know what moves will work with the type of dress that you will be wearing.  We want you to stand out on the dance floor for all of the right reasons. 





4. Shoes

You picked the perfect dress, the perfect jewelry, and of course the most amazing pair of shoes you have ever seen.  These shoes made your look complete.  Now it’s time to dance in them!  Before the big day, make sure to practice your routine in the shoes that you will be wearing that day.  We want to make sure that all of your moves will work in those super cute shoes.  We don’t want you to fall or slip.  So practicing in them is crucial.






Wedding Dance Floor

5. Dance Floor

It’s important to know how big your dance floor is and what shape your floor is.  This will help your instructor stage your routine so that your guests get the perfect view of your First Dance.   Your wedding planner should be able to help you with that.







Ballroom Dance Studio


6. Dance Studio/Instructor

The number one complaint we hear from Wedding couples is that the studio they went to first did not listen to them, or tried to make them learn the basics to other types of dances.  At Arizona Ballroom Champions we pride ourselves in helping you create the perfect routine.  We will not try and teach you random dances that you will not use on your big day.  Our instructors are highly trained in creating beautiful routines for your First Dance.  We guarantee you will see the difference with the finished product.




Dance Budget for Lessons


7. Budget

Budgets are everything when it comes to pulling off a great Wedding.  $100 per person for dinner, $3,000 for the perfect band, $5,000 for the flowers, and the list goes on and on.  But just like your flower budget, you can be as simple or as elaborate that you want to be for your First Dance. 

Most couples forget to factor in their dance budget.  Or they have no idea how much it can cost to learn how to dance. Here at Arizona Ballroom Champions you can expect to spend anywhere from $250 to $1,500, depending on what type of routine you want.  If you want to be able to just do a couple basic patterns to your song, it will be on the lower end.  If you are hoping to have a completely choreographed routine with a fancy entrance, cool moves, and a fun ending you can expect to be paying on the higher end of the scale. No matter what your budget is, we can help create a memorable routine.



Wedding Photographer

8. Photographer

The photographer is there to capture all of the perfect moments of the day.  One thing that will make his job a little easier is if you tell him where the special parts of your routine will be.  Let him know what types of movements you will be doing and what part of the dance floor it should be taking place.  The photographer will be able to set himself up so that he gets the perfect shot.  These pictures will help retell the story of your dance for years to come.






Older couple dancing

9. Keep on Dancing

This is something that we hear time and time again from our students that have been married for years.  Every single one of these couples wishes they would have learned how to dance while they were young and at the beginning of their relationship.  Not only is dancing fun, but also it is an activity that will create a lifetime of amazing memories.   You have a future filled with vacations, dinners, weddings for your friends, weddings for your future children, and grandchildren and so many other opportunities to dance.  It is so much fun to be that couple that can dance.  It creates a bond that is magical and I promise you it is something that you will not regret doing for yourself.