World and National Rhythm Champions Named Dance Directors at Arizona Ballroom Champions Dance Studio

Chandler based Arizona Ballroom Champions are thrilled to welcome World Rhythm Champions and US National Rhythm Champions dance partners Decho Kraev and Bree Watson.

CHANDLER, AZ (June 2, 2015) – Arizona Ballroom Champions announced the addition of Decho Kraev and Bree Watson as dance directors of the studio.  Having earned exceptional awards ranging from World Rhythm Champions to U.S National Rhythm Champions, Bree and Decho possess an innate ability to captivate their audiences.

After many years of success, Bree and Decho retired from competitive dancing and are focused on actively training dancers and students in the Phoenix area. They will continue to study with international coaches to maintain their skills and to ensure they stay at the top in their industry providing the best experience for their students.

“We are super excited to welcome Decho and Bree to the ABC family”, said Shawn Nerdahl, co-owner and dance instructor at ABC. “This partnership is going to help create ballroom champions here in Arizona.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for ABC.”

Nerdahl believes they will be taking an active interest in the studio development.  Most importantly, they will be helping the studio become one of the top schools in the country. Decho and Bree are instructors that can flawlessly communicate their passion, style and technique through dance.

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About Arizona Ballroom Champions

Arizona Ballroom Champions (ABC) began with five friends sharing a common dream to open a ballroom dance studio. With over 30 years of experience, they are sharing their passion for dance with everyone we come into contact with at Arizona Ballroom Champions.

ABC offers dance lessons in a variety of dance styles with various packages based upon student’s needs. The award winning professional instructors are trained in all forms of ballroom and social dances. Instructors at the studio are devoted and provide the best experience for by adapting their teaching style to each student.

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