Social Dance – Let’s have a dance party

Many people don’t think about how much fun dancing can be until they are on a dance floor at a wedding reception or after a night at a club with some friends. Yet we all can relate on how great we feel after spending the night dancing and letting any stress melt away. Social dancing is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, relax, and to enjoy your evening. So why does dancing make you feel so great?


Like all art forms, dancing is a creative outlet, a performing art. It is an opportunity to express your emotions and connects us to our ability to think and act creatively. Above all it is an outlet for self-expression that adjusts to rhythm and music triggers. There are all kinds of inspiration and the opportunity to dance with a group of people allows you to test new moves and grow by learning from other people.

Self – Esteem

Dancing is an opportunity to fully understand what your body is capable of. The constant change of movements and styles helps you feel more self-assured; you lose all inhibitions and gain self-confidence. It effectively frees your mind from thinking of the insecurities as you are focused on the art of the dance and executing moves. You become so involved in the feel of the music that you become impervious to self-criticism. Hello freedom!

Bye Bye Depression

If you think about how good you have felt after a period of dancing it is apparent that dancing combats depression. It has been proven that the many different types of aerobic exercise can fight off depression. As you devote your time to dancing, your body adapts and changes the depressed mindset into one that is more positive. Just imagine the feeling of stepping off the dance floor from one evening of dancing growing with every day spent on the dance floor.


After continuous movement, your brain begins to release endorphins in response to the heightened level of activity. Notice the change in how you feel after sitting at your desk all day versus spending an hour doing a physical activity. Your body craves the opportunity to move and be active, but most importantly the pleasure associated with it! Dancing is by far one of the best ways to keep your body and brain active as it increases your physical strength as well as memory capacity. Why do you think Zumba has been such a sensation?
Interpersonal Skills

A key aspect to dance parties and social dancing is the social interaction it is an opportunity to meet new people and interact in a different capacity. If you have been looking to expand your social circle or even developing your social skills, social dances are key to that success.
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