Great Dance Costumes AZ

When watching shows like “Dancing with the Stars” you cannot help but notice the costumes they are wearing.  Many times those costumes complete the story they are trying to tell.  Some are flashy and glamorous, while others may appear tattered and worn, but in many cases they can make or break the performance.

The history behind dance costume’s appearances is known to be influenced by ancient Grecian times.  With some of the first costumes created in the 19th and 20th centuries resembling the tunics and scarves worn during that time.  The concept behind these looks is that it would conform to the dancer’s body shape and expose the lines they would create as they danced.

There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing your dance costume look.  Starting with the material you are choosing to wear.   You should consider how much light you want the material to absorb or reflect.  Also some material moves better than others, and dance is all about movement.  When picking your fabric you want to consider how the fabric will hang on your body, will it be lightweight?  Material like silk is quite popular.  Not only does it reflect light well, it allows people to move faster and easier and it is stretchable in order to not constrict movement.

Color is also another issue to consider.  Color can be seen as a prop in a costume.  It can work for or against the lighting used during the performance.  Color can also be used to convey emotion during  the performance, helping to enhance a feeling of either extreme joy or sadness.   Examples of which could be the color violet is used to convey feelings of cold.  Red colors evoke a feeling of warmth.  Green conveys envy and white evokes purity.  Darker colors help dancers appear more slim, lighter colors give the appearance of being larger. 

Once you decide material and color and texture it helps to have proper construction.  Dance costumes must be bound tightly in order to resist not only restricting the dancer, but to avoid it from tearing.  Dance lifts are also to be considered.  If the dancer will be lifted during the performance, than those costumes will be made in order to avoid people’s fingers from getting caught and hurt.  Costumes are also created to ensure for quick changes.  Many of them use fasteners that are Velcro or even hooks, in order to allow the dancer to get in and out of them easily. 

So the next time you’re  watching your favorite dance completion, or perhaps you’re deciding the look you’re going to wear in your next performance, you may want to consider all these options.  It may really make a difference in the next time you see or perform dance.
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