DWTS Is Back And Trending

You can almost hear the orchestra playing.  The mirror ball reflecting all the bright lights.  Let’s not forget the spray tans and skimpy outfits.   This is not the latest Britney video, but instead “real” dancing at its finest.  “Dancing with the Stars” is premiering is 21st season in two weeks and that has a lot of people excited.

For a lot of people this is their only glimpse into the world of competitive dance.  The likes of Pink, Usher and Chris Brown show you how to “throw it down” on the dance floor, but the professionals on “DWTS” can DANCE.  Many people sit on their living room sofas watching this weekly competition thinking, “I can do that,” but never try.  The question is: why not give it a shot? 

The show has taken reality stars, actors and athletes and turned them into Samba, Cha Cha and even Disco dancers.  Those of a certain age look young and vibrant again.  Valerie Harper was told before her time on “DWTS” that she had months to live.  Not only did she prove the medical community wrong, but the woman made people cry weekly with the way she moved with grace and style across the dance floor.

Arizona Ballroom Champions understands the appeal this show has on future dance champions.  Some of the studio’s very own instructors have been inspired by what they have seen on this show.  They are trained in all of these dance styles and techniques and will be happy to make any beginner look like a pro in a few weeks. 

Dance classes can be fun and fantastic forms of exercise.  Even though summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay in swimsuit shape.   Maybe a show like “DWTS” will inspire you to get up and move.  Maybe you will see a particular style of dance that is attractive to you.  Or maybe you will just sit back in amazement of what these stars can do in a few short weeks.  Whatever inspiration you get from this show, the folks at Arizona Ballroom Champions are just glad to see you have passion for something they care for so much.