Dancing: What it Really Does for Your Brain

Everyone knows what dancing can do for the human body. Not only can it help fight heart disease, weight gain and improve your balance, but it is also quite a service to your mental health.  Several studies have indicated that dance can have a significant positive impact on mood, depression, cognition and memory.


There are many reasons why scientists speculate dance is so beneficial to individuals suffering from depression and mood. One of the effects of dance is an increase in endorphins, a chemical associated with pain and stress relief—the same one responsible for what many call a “runner’s high”. Activities that release endorphins are healthy and heavily recommended by doctors for those seeking to regulate their moods naturally.


Dance has also been linked to decreases of cortisol, otherwise known as a stress hormone. In the same way that scientists observe exercise’s countering effect on depression, dance can create feelings of relaxation and even joy in dancers not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. In fact, dance has shown such positive results in cases of depression that it is often used as a form or therapy or meditation for people suffering from severe depression.


Dancing has also been proven to improve cognition, or the process of remembering and applying knowledge. Scientists believe this could be due to the rapid decision-making necessary for some dances in conjunction with the combination of brain functions including kinesthetic, rational, musical and emotional. Furthermore, even those who are unfamiliar with dance can benefit from it as creating new neural pathways, which is the way by which the brain learns new skills, can help fight against forgetfulness and some studies indicate it can even reduce the risk of dementia.


Whether it’s doctor’s orders or a simple form of meditation after a long day, dance can be incredibly beneficial to a person both mentally and physically. If you think you’d like to try out dance for self-improvement visit http://azballroomchampions.com/home.