Dancing for Exercise in Phoenix

Dance exercise crazes are nothing new to the fitness world. We’ve seen everything from Jane Fonda’s Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout to the JLo booty-promising Zumba craze. So the burning (no pun intended) question is raised: is it really exercise?

Most of you—dance veterans and newbies alike—probably already understand that it’s not about the quantity of dance, but the quality. Of course every movement burns calories, but to take the most out of a dance lesson, mentally and physically, you’ll have to put in more work than just footwork.

If you’re looking to get a good cardio exercise from a dance routine, you’ll also have to consider the style you’re practicing. Every style has a different pace and requires a different range of movement and footwork. Some of the best styles of dancing for those looking to work off some extra pounds are some of the more fast-paced dances that will get your heart rate up and keep it up like salsa, swing, hip-hop, tap (for the leg days) and Zumba. While these are some of the more typical dances we associate with calorie-burning, there are many other forget those strength and endurance-based dances such as ballet and yes—pole dancing.

But while everyone may have a different preferred style of dancing, we can all agree that the reason many look to dance as their preferred form of exercise is that it is just plain fun! For some, weight training and traditional cardio exercises such as running and biking can be enjoyable enough to maintain a daily routine, but for those who prefer a little more excitement and stimulation, dance is great alternative when practiced regularly and effectively.

So to answer the question, yes, dancing definitely counts as exercise.

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