Dancing Can Make You Feel Young Again

There are so many things out there that promise you the “Fountain of Youth.”  Lotions, potions and pills all promising that you will look and feel great but what if there was something you could do that could deliver those results or better and you can get started with it right away?

Dancing is the perfect combination of a mind-body workout.  This kind of regular physical activity will not only keep you physically in shape, but will also sharpen up your mind.  Which means your brain is also getting a workout.  The movement dance provides has been known to increase the chemicals in your brain that encourage nerve cells to continue to grow, which helps with circulation and ease of joint movement.

You can also move at your own pace, but if you physical strength allows you to, dancing just two times a week has a tremendous effect on your overall health.  According to the “New England Journal of Medicine,” ballroom dancing twice a week lessons the chances for people to develop dementia.  Dance has also made tremendous strides in the lives of those suffering from Alzheimer’s.  Studies have shown that those who start taking dance lessons find that they are building back up their minds.  A lot of students find that they are able to recall memories that had been forgotten because of the disease.

That saying, “you’re only as old as you feel,” couldn’t be truer.  Arizona Ballroom Champions knows that getting up and moving, even for just a few minutes a day, can really help you live a stronger and better life.  Students of any age will immediately start showing signs of their muscles and bones strengthening.  Your body will begin toning in places that may not have been as tight any more.  For those of a more mature age, your posture and balance will immediately show signs of improvement.  Not too mention you will notice an increase of stamina and flexibility.  Doctors also say that being as physically active as you can be will help you prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and even depression.  Being social and getting you out from the confines of your home can and will help your overall self-esteem and that confidence will translate you into looking and being healthier and even younger, or at the very least, young at heart.

Arizona Ballroom Champions know not everyone will bring back that “mirror ball trophy” the first time out, but they can go at your pace and at your level.  Not only will the experience be rewarding for your mind and body, but let’s be honest, it will be fun.  To check out all the lessons available for you to get started, check out Arizona Ballroom Champions at http://azballroomchampions.com/all-lessons .
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