Country Line Dancing in Arizona

Whether old fans of the twangy genre like it or not, country is making a comeback and it’s hitting airwaves harder than ever before. Though to many, the music on the radio today is a far cry from what it was in the days of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson, there’s no denying that the transformed genre has caught the ear of the younger generations. But it’s not the odes to John Deere and cheap whiskey weaved in modern hits that keep country bars backed to the brim every weekend, but the fun, free and patriotic atmosphere you can only find on the dance floor of the nearest western bar.

Country Dancing and Music Today

There’s something about rushing to the dance floor when your favorite line dance blares on the speakers. And at bars, it just might be the only thing that’ll pull you away from the cozy spot in front of the bartender it took all night to maneuver into. But the truth is country bars weren’t always packed this way, at least not by 20-something year-olds.

The honest truth is that country has come back and it’s all about flipping the bird to “the man” at the end of the work week, grabbing a beer dancing to the old two-step. Sometimes after a long week there isn’t much more you’d like to hear, but for original country music fans, country has taken a “hard left turn” toward pop and it’s less than pleasing to many.

But even as the pop takeover continues in country music, there’s one aspect of the culture that still stands strong: country dancing. If you doubt it for a second, just walk in to any country bar and hang tight til’ the next hit plays and you’ll see the spirit of the old line dance is alive and well.

Learning the Dances

Though the dances may look a bit intimidating at first, there isn’t much to them once you learn the basic steps. Of course once you master this part, there are plenty of fun twirls, dips and twists you can add to give the dance your own personal flair.

If you think you might want to crash the country scene, make sure you drop by Arizona Ballroom Chamions’ website and learn more about country dance lessons before you grace the country dance floor with your moves!