5 Tips for a Successful Mega Match

5 Tips for a Successful Mega Match

What exactly is a Mega Match?

The Mega Match is a mock dance competition that we have at our studio three times a year.  Everything is set up just like a real dance competition; hair, make-up, heats, judges, and the costumes.  The Mega Match is an opportunity for you to experience a competition without having to actually do a competition.  It also gives you a mini-goal that you can set for yourself to help you track your progress while learning how to ballroom dance.

Professional Hair and Make-up -  When performing you get to create a character, someone that is an exaggerated version of yourself.  This is the time to go all out and let someone else do your hair and make-up.  Our professional team will help you find that look and make you feel like a beautiful woman.  We want you to stand out for all of the right reasons, and the right hair and make-up will help you achieve that!

Hair and Make-UP

Costuming - The right costume can make you look and feel like a dancer.  There are many options and colors for you to choose from.  Always ask your instructor before making any decision.  We want you to look and feel amazing.  And we want you to stand out for all of the right reasons.  If you are not ready to purchase a dress, there are some great options with practice wear.  http://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/ballroom/page1 has some amazing options at a variety of price points.


Entries -  You want to make sure that you dance all of your dances at least 3 times.  Every student that dances always wishes that they would have signed up for more.  The first round of dances is usually good for warm-up and getting over your nerves.  The second round you start feeling more comfortable, and by the final round you are ready to kick butt!  The more you dance, the more you will enjoy the experience.  And it has been proven that every time you dance a one minute heat, it is equivalent to taking a forty-five minute dance lesson.  That dance time is very valuable.

Dance Heats

The Judges -  The judges are there to help give constructive criticism.  These critiques make the event worth all the time, money, and energy that you put into your dancing.  The judges are available to take a private lesson with after the event.  During the private lesson the judge will be able to give you a personal coaching on what they liked and what they think that you need to improve upon.  These lessons are what will help you place better if and when you decide to do a competition.


Have Fun - This is the most important part of the whole experience!  Dancing is fun and brings joy.  The more you relax and allow yourself to enjoy the day the more fun it will be.  You have worked hard on your dancing and this part is the celebration. So enjoy it, you earned it!

have fun