5 ways "Dancing is like dreaming with your feet."

Music        Music has the power to move you.  It can make you feel happy, sad, grateful, hopeful, and wide arrange of emotions.  Whenever you are in a bad mood throw on a song with a great beat, like Peaches and Herbs “Shake your Groove Thing” and dance a hustle.  I guarantee within 30 seconds you will be in a better mood.  

Movement  Exercise is a natural way our body produces endorphins.  Endorphins react with the central nervous systems receptors and help reduce your perception of pain.  Try dancing the Salsa for 5 minutes.  Not only will you burn some calories, but your body and mind will feel so much better!

Learning    Not only is learning fun, but it helps to keep you young!  They say you should try and learn something new everyday.  When you learn how to ballroom dance, you are constantly being introduced to something new.  So keep learning new patterns and techniques, and dancing will help to keep you young!

Community Humans love to be part of a community.  We are social creatures.  Dancing gives you an opportunity to “find your tribe.”  Nothing feels greater than being surrounded by your peers dancing to the latest Cha Cha on a Friday night!

Connection  Dancing allows you to connect with your partner on every level, verbal, visual, and through touch.  Learning how to dance with a partner can be a challenge, but when you are finally able to connect, it is truly a magical experience.  It feels great being able to move as one.  When you achieve this, you will then see why “Dancing is dreaming with your feet!”