5 of the Most Iconic Dance Scenes in Film

Every so often, a film will bring a dance scene that is so amazing people can’t help but put it on a few too many lists. These are the dances you’re going to find on nearly every iconic dance scene list out there, not necessarily because of the plot itself, but because those are the scenes that kind of make us wish we could imitate the spontaneity and skill these actors brought to the big screen. Not to mention the on-screen chemistry everyone secretly envies—even you, boys.
Pulp Fiction

We start the list with the scene at Jack Rabbit Slims’ dance floor. Lots of strange things happened in Pulp Fiction, there’s no denying that. But among the strangest was the somewhat out-of-place dance scene that took place at Jack Rabbit Slims. Maybe it was the reference to John Travolta’s dancing history or maybe it was their incredibly serious faces, either way it’s one that no one will easily forget!
Napoleon Dynamite

Though it was an unbelievably awkward solo dance, it’s hard to imagine the film without it. The movie’s strange stuck-in-the-90’s feel and the British funk/acid jazz band, Jamiroquai’s single, “Canned Heat” fit perfectly with Napoleon’s out of-date yet very confident and deliberate moves. By the end of the film it was hard not to feel inspired, even if it was in the weirdest of ways.
Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner” and nobody leaves Dirty Dancing off important lists. The critics may not always agree, but there is undeniable magic to seeing Patrick Swayze dancing in his prime. For many, it may have just been the cliché good girl falling for the troubled bad boy storyline, but for the lovers of dance and hopeful girls everywhere, that movie and impossible lift will always be a masterpiece.
Singing in the Rain

To anyone who’s left a successful date and feeling like sunshine and rainbows, this scene is the perfect embodiment of new love. Everything from the umbrella to Gene Kelly’s impeccable footwork made this scene one not soon to be forgotten by any true lovers of musicals and film in general.
Risky Business

Everyone can relate to the excitement of causing a little trouble around the house with their parents out of town. While Tom Cruise’s character took it about 10 steps too far, the Mr. No Pants dance will forever be engrained in everyone’s memory as the official dance of Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock n Roll”—or just that dance you do when your parents are out of town for the weekend.