Why Learning to Ballroom Dance May be the Best Thing for Your Child

Kids and Ballroom Dance

If you’re thinking of taking your child to his/her first ballroom class, then this is a worthwhile read for you. Ballroom dancing is not just about learning how to dance, rather its process of developing fantastic social skills and manners that create young ladies and gentlemen. Here are a few reasons why your child could benefit from taking ballroom dance lessons:

An opportunity to improve social skills

If you thought ballroom dancing was only about learning ‘a’ skill, i.e. dancing, you might be wrong. Ballroom dancing is a brilliant way to learn and improve your social skills and manners. How? Well, in a ballroom class or on the ballroom dance floor, you ask others to dance with you, face-to-face, and not via text!

Most kids today often find themselves feeling shy or awkward when interacting with people. A lot of them also lack social etiquette, softness, and basic presentation skills when introducing themselves to a new crowd of people. Your child can benefit a great deal regarding personality development by taking a ballroom class. It helps in building self-esteem, self-confidence and makes you more charming in your interactions with others. Your child will feel more comfortable attending social events after taking just a few ballroom dancing lessons.

An introduction to culture and art

What is dancing? Simply put, it is a way for your body to respond to music and rhythm. In a ballroom dancing class, you express to the music with your partner. The ballroom dance culture has evolved over many years, and in a ballroom dance class, your child can explore its rich history.  Not only learning how to waltz and foxtrot but learning where these dances come from, how they started and what they look like today.  

Learning how to dance will give your child a greater appreciation for art and creative endeavors. The movements and music begin to develop your child's creativity.  Finding their creativity helps them find their voice and unique personality.  

A great way to exercise

If you have a child who hates sports, running, biking and all other exercise classes, a ballroom dance class might help get him/her interested into fitness. Ballroom dancing is a brilliant way to do some cardiovascular exercise, build stamina, flexibility and get fit.  The low impact movement, great music, welcoming atmosphere make learning how to dance fun.  It's one of the few activities that you can put fun and exercise in the same sentence!

Dancing at Arizona Ballroom Champions

We have a great program designed with your child in mind.  We use a combination of private lessons and group classes to help your child learn about the amazing world of Ballroom Dancing.  If you think your child could benefit from any of these, sign them up today!