Students and Teachers from Mega Match 2016

Students and Teachers from Mega Match 2016

Leave your worries at the door and swing into the world of ballroom dancing! Our instructors will create an unparalleled experience that will help you realize your dreams and make you feel better than ever! We pride ourselves on our ability to create the best and friendliest environment for you to break out of your comfort zone and kill those fears. At Arizona Ballroom Champions we have seen countless students come in for dance classes and immediately understand why we are the best studio in the southwest for making your dance dreams come true!

Want to learn how to Waltz…? We’ll make it happen! Maybe you are  invited to a dance club, but fear that you lack rhythm? We will teach you what you need to know! Regardless of skill, age, gender, or any physical setbacks our professional instructors are devoted to making your dance class experience one-of -a-kind by customizing each session to suit your individual needs.

At Arizona Ballroom Champions we offer lessons in a variety of dance styles because we know that there isn’t just one way to teach! Our professional instructors make it a point to provide private lessons, group lessons, studio dances, monthly socials, and even competitions.

Join our community and try us out with no obligation and let us be your partner for your dancing dream! 


Shawn Nerdahl

Shawn Nerdahl - Owner

American Rhythm, American Smooth, Ballroom, Latin, Country, Choreographer

Growing up I was the shy kid always on the outside looking in, but I found myself watching people dancing and noticed how much fun they were having. Before I knew it I found myself enveloped in the dance world and being convinced to try ballroom dancing. I was intimidated, I felt too old, I couldn't do it... I gave in and realized that ballroom dancing is for everyone and I was so wrong in thinking that ballroom dancing is age restricted.

My hard work and constant practicing led me to become one of the top teachers in the Phoenix area, winning various awards.. I have won many top teacher awards at local competitions, and I have won Arizona's Dancing with the Bars competition for 2013 and 2014.  I have also won Dancing for Stroke in 2015 and 2017, and Dancing for a Cause in 2016. Not only am I devoted to dancing, but I constantly work to become a better teacher. I know there are many types of learners therefore I have devoted time to developing communication techniques to teach kinesthetic, visual, or auditory learners, as well as those that are analytical or creative.

Selina Vega

Selina Vega - Manager

American Rhythm, American Smooth, Salsa, Country

My parents started me in ballet and tap when I was three and although I was somewhat forced into those first classes, it led me to find my passion for all things dance! I have studied many styles of dance through the years from jazz and hip hop, to the beautiful style of ballroom which i practice and teach today.  My dancing has allowed me to experience many things from performing in shows to competing and the one thing i love most about these experiences is that it allows me to grow as a person and push my limits farther each time. Dance allows me to express myself and my emotions in a beautiful way. I've been fortunate to connect with amazing people through dance and share that experience with them. Most importantly, dancing and teaching have allowed me to be a hand in helping people create their own memories and reach their goals! 

Iliana Gonzalez

Iliana Gonzalez - Instructor

American Rhythm, American Smooth, Standard, Latin, Country, Salsa, Junior Specialist

My name is Iliana Gonzalez and I am a Ballroom instructor for. Arizona Ballroom Champions. I have been dancing for over 15 years. I started with ballet, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, ect. My ballroom career started with a well known company in 2009, and I fell in love.I have competed professionally in both the smooth and rhythm style and placed top four in both. I have done many shows professional and with my students. There is not a day you will see me off the dance floor. 

When I'm not teaching or practicing I'm usually at a gym or spendng time with family and friends .I love to try new things, meet new people. Spending time with the ones I love most is very important to me because a lot of my time is dedicated to make myself a better instructor and dancer. 

My goals and aspirations as an instructor is to make sure my students get the benefits from dance they came to me for. In addition to all the other amazing benefits that dance offers. To obtain all that as an instructor I ask for hard work, dedication, and having all the fun possible! I, with my team, can take you on the road of beautiful dancing!! 

My goals and aspirations as a professional are to compete against the best in the nation and truly call myself a champion in both styles. My goal is to share the great impact dance has made in my life. And share all the knowledge,  passion, self expression,the fun, the opportunities, the love dance has brought me. 

Rachael Griffin

Rachael Griffin - Instructor

American Rhythm, American Smooth, Standard, Latin, Country, Junior Specialist

Someone once asked me what I would do instead if I didn't dance; I couldn't answer, because I don't know.

I started dancing just before I turned 3, and have tried a lot of styles and a variety of disciplines since then. I was assistant teaching children's classes by the time I was 10, and teaching classes on my own by 18. And I loved it! I was a student of Ballroom dance before I began teaching it. I started because I wanted to expand my dance repertoire, I kept going because Ballroom is amazing. I love watching and helping people as they learn to enjoy dancing. From the anxious first few steps to the slightly nervous first performance to the first exciting competition, every moment is full of fun and growth!

To me, dancing is like breathing; I don't know life without it.

Alec Lezcano

Alec Lezcano - Instructor

American Rhythm and American Smooth

Knowing that I would be very tall my mother put me in dance classes at the early age of 3 to help work on my coordination. Little did she know that it would turn into a life long passion. I have tried a lot of styles and variety of disciplines since. At the age of 13 I took a break from dancing and focused on my swimming career. Where at the age of 16 I had the opportunity to turn pro. I have had the amazing opportunity to race along side the worlds greatest such as Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. Though I was swimming my passion for dancing was growing larger and larger until I felt that I couldn't breathe without it. Coming back to dance has been the best decision I have made in my life thus far and am excited to continue on this amazing path. 

Jacody Bullard

Jacody Bullard - Instructor


American Rhythm, American Smooth, Latin, Ballet, Jazz, Tap

Jacody began his dance career at a young age and has been trained in ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical. Since he was little, Jacody’s love for dance has continued to grow over the years and he now thoroughly enjoys choreographing and teaching anything that is asked of him.

Along with his award winning and nationally recognized choreography, Jacody Bullard has also showcased his talents in other ways. He loves to sing and has been doing so for as long as he has been dancing. Jacody is trained in speech leveled singing and has had vocal performance training. He has been fortunate enough to be able to sing the National Anthem at sporting events, record a song for a charitable Christmas album and will jump at the opportunity to sing whenever he gets the chance and share what he has learned through his vocal training.

His love for both dancing and singing have been a blessing for him while performing lead roles in shows such as Warner in Legally Blonde the Musical, Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Gideon in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and many more. In addition to this, Jacody has performed professionally in shows for Showtune Productions and is always looking for new opportunities to challenge himself and grow as a choreographer, dancer and singer.

Jordan Daniel

Jordan Daniel

American Rhythm, American Smooth, Standard, Latin, Country, Salsa, West Coast Swing

I grew up in the studio my mother, Ramona, taught at. At the age of 8 my brother and I helped her form an all juniors formation team. For years we competed with World Promotions in freestyle dances, as well as formation routines. My most memorable moment of the time, is competing in Orlando Florida for an all juniors competition. By the time I was 16, I began teaching. I focused on International Standard and Latin until I was 18, helping both competitive and social dancers achieve their goals

Dance has not always been my only interest. When I'm not dancing, I'm in the gym. I love to push my body to new limits and discover new things that I could do. 

In my dance career I am currently specializing in West Coast Swing. This style is a version of Lindy Hop that is originally danced to blues music, but now is danced to anything from top 40, classic rock, Hip Hop,  etc. It is very popular socially and competitively

Dancing is my voice, my character, my passion, I cannot live without it