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Group Classes

At Arizona Ballroom Champions we teach a wide variety of group classes.  We have Smooth, Rhythm, Salsa, Country, and Technique classes.  Classes are Tuesday through Friday from 6 pm to 815 pm.  Each class is 45 minutes.  

We have 3 main types of classes. We have Syllabus classes, Social Classes, and Technique Classes.

 In our Syllabus classes you will focus on learning patterns, footwork, and timing for the steps from the DVida dance syllabus.  These classes are broken down into 3 different levels.  If you are a beginner or newcomer we recommend trying the level 1 class first.

In our Social Classes you will be learning fun social patterns for popular social dances like the Salsa or the Two-Step.  These classes are for students of all levels.

In our Technique Classes you will be learning exercises that help create a better dancer.  These classes are designed to help you stand out on the dance floor.

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