Types of Lessons

Ballroom dancing has a grand history of tradition, class, and passion tracing its origins to Latin America (Tango) and old Europe with folk dances like the Waltz.  We teach both smooth and rhythm styles of dancing that can be done in a competitive and recreational setting. So many dance styles originated in the streets and gained popularity over time that is why we include social dances into our calendar.

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Private Lessons are where you or you and your partner will learn the majority of the information when it comes ballroom dancing.  With a focus on patterns, technique, and musicality, you and your instructor will design your lessons around your learning ability.  Feel free to focus on social or competitive dancing, or even both!


Get ready to work on various patterns with a variety of partners.  Group classes are fun and social and are for all skill levels.  Here you will begin to understand how your own body works and begin to retain the information through repetitive exercises.  The more you come, the easier it gets!  


Practice what you have been working on all month in a fun and friendly party!  Great music, great people, and fun games will make you want to dance every night!



It’s time to put all your hard work out on the dance floor! Experience everything that ballroom has to offer! The costumes, the make-up, the hair, everything that you think of when you hear the word Ballroom Dancer, that’s what you’ll see and feel when you participate in one of the many competitions that happen throughout the year.


Now it’s your time to shine in the spotlight! Pick your favorite music and we will create fun and unique choreography for you to learn. When the dance is ready, you will have an opportunity to show it to your friends and family, either at our studio during one of our Friday night parties, or on stage at one of our bi-annual showcases!

Great staff! Fun, friendly and experienced team of dancers. Whether your a novice or an experienced dancer, this team will welcome you with open arms and enthusiasm. We highly recommend Arizona Ballroom Champions!
— Rebecca

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