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Tired of going to Denim and Diamonds, San Tan Flats, or your favorite Country venue and having to watch everyone dancing from the sidelines?  Have you tried learning in a large group class and felt overwhelmed?  Do you feel like it's too late to learn how to dance?

If you answered yes to any to any of these questions we can help you learn to dance!  Come and try our Country Intro Program and learn just how easy it is to dance to your favorite Country Music.  Our Country Intro Program includes 2 private lessons and 2 group classes.  During your private lessons, your instructor will introduce the basics to some of the most popular Country Dances including 2 Step, Country Swing, Country Waltz, or the Night Club 2 step.  After your first lesson, the instructor will help you pick out which group class is right for you.  

The Country Intro Program is an excellent way to get started on your dancing journey. So if you are tired of sitting out while everyone else is dancing and spinning on the dance floor, now is the time to sign up!

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Ready to get started on your dancing journey?  Go ahead and schedule your first lesson right now!  Just select introductory lesson and then the date.  We look forward to dancing with you!

Country Intro Program
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